With extensive experience in local church ministry as well on the foreign mission field, Live Life on Mission trainers are uniquely qualified to help churches be more effective. They understand the challenges that churches face. They have the formal training and practical ministry experience that can make a difference.

The reality is that many of our Southern Baptist churches are plateaued or declining. Sadly, some are dying. Community demographics are changing and oftentimes local churches no longer reflect or connect with the people who live nearby. But it’s always too soon to give up!

Going wherever people live, work, and play, Live Life on Mission exists to help churches develop strategies to build relationships, connect with people, and discover “persons of peace.” From there, Bible studies are designed to make disciples who make disciples and form missional communities. Whether it is church revitalization and transformation, or the formation of new churches, Live Life on Mission seeks to extend God’s kingdom across northern Louisiana.

Live Life on Mission works cooperatively with the Louisiana Baptist Convention, local Louisiana Baptist associations and Directors of Missions, and with local churches. Live Life on Mission trainers are lifelong Southern Baptists and are fully committed to the work of the convention.

How can Live Life on Mission help?

  • Training your church on how to begin compassion ministries
  • Training for evangelism, personal testimony, and missional Bible study
  • Identifying and engaging internationals (especially Hispanics) in your area
  • Orientation for church mission trips
  • Develop and Deploy Revitalization Strategies

What does it cost?

Live Life on Mission is a non-profit, faith ministry. Live Life on Mission trainers do not charge for their services. Churches, individuals, and associations may make contributions or give love offerings to Live Life on Mission to support the ministry and the trainers. Please see our Financials page to find out how you can become a Live Life on Mission supporter.

Want to get started?

Contact a Life Life on Mission trainer and request a visit to your church or ministry. An initial interview will be conducted to determine needs and challenges. Trainers will pray and help you develop a short-term strategy specifically for your church or ministry. Trainers will help you educate, train, implement and evaluate your progress and effectiveness. A long term strategy can be developed to help the church or ministry set goals and plans for up to 3 years.